In addition to hunting for a new nighstand, I’ve been meaning to replace the drawer pulls on our bedroom dresser. I wasn’t crazy about the vintage/americana pulls that came with it.


(Sorry for the truly awful photo – I took this at night, eeeek)


I knew exactly the type of replacements I wanted – something like this or this but without those price tags. I found the style of pulls I wanted on Amazon at about $2.40/each, bought a can of Valspar gold spray paint, and went to town:


I had a little help from Gigi. And by a little help, I mean she cried and talked at me through the fence for the few minutes it took me to spray paint the handles. I do recommend wearing gloves when spray painting. I did not, and I had gold hands for a night. It came off pretty easily with soap and water, but gloves are probably a good idea for future projects.


I let them dry outside for a few hours and got to work taking the old pulls off and replacing them with the new ones. I think this was the most time-consuming part of the whole process! And voi-la:


salon and hair stylist cooperation

I should have done this forever ago. This was a super quick project that made a big difference in the look of this piece. Plus, I’ve got a bunch of leftover drawer pulls – some will be put to use for the nightstand project, and I don’t doubt I’ll find a home for the rest eventually!